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I bask in your radiance
The light that encompasses darkness
Warmth that comforts the soul
Light that emits a golden glow

I gaze upon your presence
A figure that rules the sky
Mesmerizing rays of light
Weaving the earth with hope

Scorching yet gentle
Like the small flame in a candle
Glorious and wonderful
Like sunflowers bathing in sunlight

Enlighten me with your grace
Shine us with your blessing
Bless me with your brilliance
My radiant dawn
Theatrical Passion

Let us capture the moment
This operatic play
A masterful work of art
An epic scene from a memory

Come and take my hand
We shall perform an encore
A song of gain and loss
Captivating a collective mass

In grace, we shall waltz
Like the ebb and flow of the sea
An intertwining dance of fate
A dance of eternity

Audience in awe
Applause fills the air
Let this be our tale
A theatrical bliss
Warrior's Path

Forward they march to battle
Never consign to surrender
Bound to the law of the sword
The battlefield will be blessed

Warriors dancing with blades
As they sing their songs
Song of glory echoes
Another legend to tell the tale

Ares at their side
Empowering their might of a thousand
As they rally their kinsmen
To charge in to the storm of swords

Another victory claimed
Weaved another page of history
Song of victory echoes
Once more, they marched on
Sorrowful Mystery

I am trapped in my sanctum
Drowning in my sorrow
Misfortune flashes back at me
Aimlessly searching for my wasted years

Take me away from this horrid place
Take me to dreamer's hideaway
Where my dreams live as illusions
To where my illusions hold me so dear

In empty gaze I weep
Enduring my phantom agony
Holding my insanity
Haunted by ghosts of the past
Lunar Caress

I am one with the night
Hypnotized by the moon's light
So very pale yet calming
The light among the stars

I always see your face
Your ever changing beauty
Beauty the blends through the night
As I am filled with serenity

Tranquil yet forlorn
Like the still waters of the lake
Haunting yet alluring
Like lilies blooming in dusk

Oh my beautiful Luna
You gaze us with your presence
You shine us with your grace
My queen of the night
Lunar Caress
It's about a man who is fascinated with the moon. Every time he gazes, it makes him peaceful. ENJOY READING!!
Looks like I'm gonna gamble it all up again.
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Poetry is my passion.
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